- Version 3.22R is out: as asked by our customers, the 3D viewer has been improved. Now Disc Spring Solver allows you to show the guide in the 3D model and to change the spring color. Furthermore, the restyling of the GUI gives you a more comfortable experience at any screen resolution. For more details please continue to read...
Wed, 22 Dec 2021

- Version 3.21R is out: as asked by many customers, the CAD previewer has been improved. Now Disc Spring Solver allows you to see a CAD top view and also to see hidden lines in the CAD drawing of the springs that you are creating. For more details please continue to read...
Mon, 23 Oct 2017

- Version 3.20R is out: as asked by our customers, the new version includes a feature that gives the opportunity to see and print a preview of the CAD drawing that can be exported in DFX or IGS format.
Moreover a new checking algorithm has been inserted that allows the user to verify if the inserted measures are valid for a disc spring, for more details please continue to read...
Mon, 06 Feb 2017

- Version 3.10R is out: this new version includes the possibility to evaluate the performance of a disc spring used as a diaphragm, that is, depressed beyond the flat level.
For this use, in most cases, the load is applied to the disc spring using two circular rings. Disc Springs Solver is the only software of its field to give you the possibility to manage this option, so please read more...
Mon, 05 Dec 2016

Version 3.22R is out!
Go to the download page and try the powerful new improvements! 

Disc springs are used in many fields of the mechanical industry but, because of their geometry, it is very hard to make absolute predictions for their behaviour. 

Disc Spring Solver intends to help the disc springs users to foresee the performance of the springs that they are using by giving them the possibility to make calculations using standard algorithms or new and more accurate algorithms and  by offering options which are completely new compared to the other disc springs related softwares. One of these algorithms is the new Ferrari method that revealed how the standard method to verify if a reduced disc spring was dimensionally right was wrong, for more information look at the paper "A New Calculation Method for Belleville Disc Springs with Contact Flats and Reduced Thickness".
Disc Spring Solver can also suggest the best disc spring to meet the user's requests by combining more than 1000 different kinds of discs chosen from the included database.

Disc Spring Solver is the unique software of its field that gives the opportunity to create a spring stack with the desired design where the packets can be made with a different number and different kinds of disc springs and to consider the friction (and some other factors) effect during the foreseeing of the stack behaviour.

Disc Spring Solver - The best solution for your belleville washers and disc springs problems

Moreover, the very intuitive user interface of Disc Spring Solver has been thought to give to the user the opportunity to set every calculation option in the main window and not in quite hidden child windows. Look at the features page to know all the options included in Disc Spring Solver.

Disc Spring Solver - Main window screenshot with a disc springs stack example.

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