Suggest a spring
Starting from v1.25, Disc Spring Solver can help you in choosing the best packets combination to satisfy at your requests. By using the "Suggestions" function and inserting the value of requested fields, you can make Disc Spring Solver create the best combination by choosing disc springs from databases included in the setup file and containing more than 1000 different kinds of disc springs or from another selected database.


As shown in the picture, in addition to some usual fields you can also set the value of the maximum value of the inside diameter, note that if it is not manually set, that value is automatically considered equal to the guide diameter more 10%.
Note also that you must also set the maximum number of disc springs per packet.

In "Results" it is shown the disc spring that, with its performances, is the nearest to your requests.

When you have found the right spring, you can also show its "Load vs deflection" plot and export the springs data in the Disc Spring Solver main window.

In the following video tutorial you can see an example of how to use this new feature:

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